Saturday, 29 December 2012

Saturday PhotoHunt - 'End'

Today is the last week of the year, so the Saturday PhotoHunt theme is 'End'.
I have had a great Christmas with the family, and have now got an iPhone which will be great for capturing photos of Willow when she does something cute, as I hardly ever get to the camera in time!

The photo I have chosen for the end are some 'Cake Pops' me and my sisters made, with a book and tin my sister got for Christmas. I think the end of the year is always associated with food and chocolate, so what better photo than some chocolate coated vanilla cake pops?!

Cake Pop recipe (our updated version!) is here.

Hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas and hope you have a great New Year!


  1. Those look Delish! You will be in the cake pop business now.
    This is by no means then END to the PhotoHunt ~ see you next year.
    Happy New Year y'all!


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