Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Cool or Cruel?

I came accross these pictures in my english lesson, when looking at some articles in the newspaper. It was this headline that caught my attention:
 'Lacking Dognity?'
I thought this was aweful, but the truth is many women, (and a few men), in America do this. I thought I would share this with you anyway, even if it isn't just about hamsters.

Left-Right top: Buffalo, Panda
Left-Right middle: Camel, Captain Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean)
Left-Right bottom: Bee, Horse

In America there are competitions for owners to transform their dogs, into things like the pictures above. These dogs have been transformed to look like other animals and people in under 2 hours, for a dog competition. The pictures were taken at a competition in Ren Netherland of Clearwater, Florida.

It is not right to do this to your dog, no mater how 'cool' or 'funny' it may look. They have simply gone too far: its one thing to be a ridiculously pampered dog with perfect hair, and being transformed into something completely different, and not looking like a dog any more.

Hope this post doesn't shock you too much...

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