Sunday, 9 December 2012

Hamster Cage Tour!

I have decided to do a cage tour, as Ann Paws said that she would like to see a full shot of Willow's cage in a comment under 'Wordless Wednesday #1', and I thought I probably should show my readers more about the essential items in a hamster cage.

Willow's cage is a multi-leveled glass tank-type thing. I think it was originally meant for mice, but it is suitable for hamsters too. Below are the photos of the whole cage, including all the different levels and descriptions of what is on each level. Enjoy!

Birdseye view of Willows cage (with the lid off)
Top level, with a hamster see-saw and food bowl. It is easy to put food in her bowl from here.
Second level of the cage. It has an 8" hamster wheel and a wooden chew toy.
 Third level of the cage. It has a house with bedding inside for Willow to sleep in,
and a wooden chew toy (I also put other toys in regularly).
Left side of the bottom level of the cage. I frequently change what is here,
but at this time there is a thick cardboard tube which used to be covered in hay for
hamsters to eat, but Willow ate all of it...
Right side of the bottom level of the cage. It has a vent so air can circulate around the cage.
I have a cardboard kitchen roll tube for her to climb in, and a Willow ball for her to chew.
This is the middle of the bottom level. It has a wooden hamster playhouse for
Willow to climb on, and it also has a little ladder leading up to the next floor.

Hope you liked having a look around Willow's cage, and feel free to comment as to whether you like it or not and what your hamster's cage is like!


  1. That looks really cool I love it! My ratty could use a larger cage which I would actually like to try and build myself one day. Right now I build her different shelves with cardboard or boxes that I tie up to the sides since its a wire cage. Rats aren't very fond of wheels so I just took that out. Sometimes I give her a hammock or tubes. I usually change the whole layout once a week.

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