Tuesday, 4 December 2012

I have recieved the Novemeber 'Best Blog Award'!

I have been given November's 'Best Blog Award' from Hamster Diaries!!! YAY :D
I was literally so excited when I read the post and found out that I was the winner, that I cancelled my pre-scheduled post for today and wrote this one instead!
I love Hamster Diaries so much - I don't come across hamster blogs as good as this very often! I also have visited the blogs who have won the Best Blog Award for different months and I loved them! I always wished that I could get an award like that one day, but I never actually thought I would!
I even got an adorable badge to put on my blog! Yay! I have put it below and in the sidebar of my blog. I love it!
Thank you so much ChaoticScribbles for badge and for giving me the award! And thank you for such kind words about my blog (this post)! I feel truly honoured, especially seeing as your blog is so good, and all of the other winners from previous month's are really good too!
If you don't already read Hamster Diaries, then I recommend you go check it out cause it is fricking amazing! If you like this blog you'll love Hamster Diaries. You also get to meet three adorable hamsters: Dexter, Casper and Eve. They are the cutest things! (along with Willow ;) )

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