Monday, 10 December 2012

Hamster Wheels

This is a brief but important post about hamster wheels. It does not take long to read through, but I think what this post says is important to any hamster or small pet owner, like mice, gerbils etc.


Most cages come with a 6 Inch wheel in them, but this is not big enough for an adult Syrian hamster. Syrian Hamsters require an 8 inch wheel (minimum)  to be able to run in comfort without arching their backs, and causing back problems or other problems for your hamster. A wheel should be available at all times to any small animal similar to hamsters.


DO NOT  buy your hamster a metal running wheel. This can be really dangerous for hamsters, as they can get their feet caught between the bars and seriously injure themselves. They can also cause painful sores on hamster’s feet, called bumbles. Stick to smooth plastic wheels where their feet can’t get caught or damaged.

If you have a metal hamster wheel or a wheel smaller than 8", do not panic. Just replace the wheel as soon as possible so that your hamster does not get back or feet problems.

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  1. Oh dear! My first hamster, Hamtaro loves the wheel. He has the plastic one. But when he got bigger, I tried to find a bigger plastic wheel. Unfortunately, I was not able to find it so I bought the metal one instead. The thing is Hamtaro does not like to go inside it. He wheels in a different way.

    He would stand and just turn the wheel using his two hands and one foot. Let me tell you he is fast and he seems to enjoy it. Is that something I should be worried about?


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