Saturday, 8 December 2012

New sponsor - The Dew Hop Inn!

Animal Tails has got an official sponsor! - The Dew Hop Inn! (On Etsy)

The Dew Hop Inn statement: "We offer natural dried fruits, chew "toys", and other treats for your pet bunnies or other small animals. All of our products come from our 60 acres or other local farmers in Downeast Maine. We take great care in hand picking it all and sun drying most of it. While we cater to pet bunnies and small animals you need not worry as the fruit is safe for humans too!" 

The Dew Hop Inn have kindly sent me a packet of small animal treats for Willow, and Willow loved them! The packet included lots of yummy treats including some chew sticks and various dried veggies. (and fruits?)

There are many treats, which will make the perfect gift for your pets Christmas presents!

This is what was in the bag. ^
Willow absolutely loved her tasty treats. I haven't given them all to her yet, as too much fruit/vegetables at the same time can be bad for your hamster.

So far I have given her a chew stick, some dried banana, and some other dried things. She was curious about the banana at first, but she soon realized it was edible and gobbled it up!
She instantly loved the stick and was kept entertained by chewing it for ages!

I really recommend that you go and check out The Dew Hop Inn, because your pets will truly love the treats sold there - and there are treats available for pretty much all small animals: rabbits, hamsters, mice, gerbils - you get the picture.

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  1. Congratulations to you! The treats look spectacular. I've been looking for some sort of chewy stick for Nibblet. Will have to go and check them out.


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