Monday, 17 December 2012

Willow's weird sleeping habits...

My hamster is officially crazy. I know I already did a post about Willow's sleeping habits (Willow's Post - Sleeping...), but I simply couldn't resist doing a complete post on her sleeping habits  seeing as she often ends up sleeping in a hilarious way!

One time I saw Willow sleeping with her little nose poking out of her house - it was absolutely adorable (and of course, I quickly grabbed a camera and took a quick picture of her!)
I know that isn't that strange, but still, I thought it was too cute to leave off here.

Then I saw Willow sleeping with the lid completely off and bedding everywhere, which I assume happened because Willow stuffed her house so full of sawdust and bedding that the lid just popped off!

Another time I saw Willow sleeping in a pile of sawdust at the corner of her cage, because somehow she had managed to KNOCK HER HOUSE RIGHT OFF THE LEDGE! How Willow does these things I really do not know...

The last weird sleeping habit I have to report is that Willow was with her house over on one side, so it was tilted backwards.. She must have been having a bit of a kerfuffle in her house to knock it over like that!

And that's it to report about Willow's sleeping habits today.. I know - she does do some strange things! She just seems to be getting stranger and stranger by the minute! Oh well, I love her anyway!


  1. Hehe how cute... thanks for joining in my 12 days of Christmas project also!

  2. She's just adorable and very quirky

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