Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Buying a Hamster

When you buy a hamster there are certain things you must check before you buy it.
The most important thing you need to check is that the hamster is healthy.

Here is a quick list of things you should do and look out for when choosing your hamster:

The Hamster Cage
  • Check that the cage looks clean
  • The cage should not be overcrowded
  • The hamsters should have access to food and water at all times

Hamster sex and age
  • The hamsters should be separated by sex; males in one cage, females in another
  • If buying from a pet shop and the staff don't know the sex of the hamsters this is not a good sign. You could end up buying a pregnant female and this could cause many problems.
  • The hamsters should be no younger than 5 weeks old when you buy them. If they are younger than this, they are too young to be sold.

The healthiness of the hamster
  • If one hamster in the cage with other hamsters look sick it is best not to get a hamster from that cage, as this puts all the hamsters in the cage at risk of illness.
  • The hamster should have bright eyes when awake.
  • The hamster should not have runny or sticky eyes, runny nose, sneezing, wet or dirty bottom, matted fur, or seem lethargic.
  • You should ask to hold the hamster before you buy it- to check it over one last time and check if it is tame.

Random poll of the month #3

This is the third in the series of the 'Random poll of the month'.

This month's question was: 
What is the biggest number of pets you have had at one time?

There were 8 options to choose from, which went from 1 - 8+.
5 people voted overall. Below are the results:

The lowest number of the most pets had at one time was 2.
The highest number of the most pets had at one time was 8+.

But I also ran the poll on the Pet Forums website, and two people had 12 pets at one time, another had 15, and another had 9 at one time. 

Thank you to everyone who voted, and make sure you vote on the new poll for the month, which is on the right hand sidebar.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Hamster Heart post

Sorry I haven't posted in so long! Will be posting more often now - promise!

As some of you may know, Inky from 'Inky the hamster mommy' has another blog called

This quote from the website shows what it is about, and the reason for the blog:
"I've created this blog as a place for people to mourn their lost pets and at the same time celebrate the lives our hamsters have lived."
I wanted Lolly to go on her site so that we could all remember her, and I thought it would be nice to dedicate a post to her.

I asked Inky if Lolly could go on there, and she said yes, so when she posts it on her blog I will add a link to the post so you can all see it.