Monday, 31 December 2012

Animal Tails Blog Award Ceremony 2012

I have decided to do a 'blog of the year' award for different categories.
This is where I will award badges for blogs I think have been really great throughout 2012, and deserve some credit.
There are 7 different awards,but one blog can be nominated for multiple awards!

If you win an award, please link it back to this blog/post if you choose to display it on your blog, as then if any readers want to see the other awards or the shortlisted blogs from clicking on your badge, then they can. I hope this isn't too much of an inconvenience for anyone! :/


  • Best Hamster Blog Award 2012
  • Best Blog Design Award 2012
  • Best Informative Pet Blog Award 2012
  • Best Blog Photos Award 2012
  • Most Promising Blog Award 2012
  • Best Other Pet Blog Award 2012

Shortlisted Blogs (inc. winners!):

The winner of our first trophy today is the owner of a hamster blog.

There was one runner up, which was
Fluffy Toughie! Congratulations!

But the winner today has a truly super blog, and posts every day. She hosts regular photos and stories of her hammies, and she is truly dedicated to her blog. She also holds many audience participation events such as photo galleries and contests.

So put your hands together for our winner, Hamster Diaries!

She truly deserves the prize, and she receives the super-cool trophy/red carpet badge for her blog! Congratulations!

It was really hard to choose a winner of the 2nd cup, out of two great and really well designed blogs.

2. Pudding & Parfait               

They both blog about cats, but the one I have chosen for the winner also offers blog/Twitter/Facebook design customizing, so that people can also get their own unique design for their blog.

And the winner is... Glogirly/ Glogirly Design! Congratulations!

I love reading this blog and looking at all the great photos, and their design is amazing! I thought it deserved some credit, and what better way to show our appreciation than to give them an

I don't have any runners-up for this award, because personally I thought this blog won hands down.

The blog who has one this award was only started in October, but already has over 60 followers and many dedicated readers.

The blog is 'dedicated to all things animal' and the author writes posts about all sorts of pets and animals. Her blog has a mixture of humour and great information, and is very versatile - she blogs about so many different things!

The second I found her blog I was hooked, I loved the photos and learning all these new things about animals!

So, without further ado, I congratulate the winner... Pawsitively Pets! Well done! You deserve it!

This was really hard to judge, as there are just so many great photos on blogs these days!

Some of the shortlisted blogs I chose for this award were The Saturday PhotoHuntPudding & Parfait, and All Things Guinea Pig.

In the end I managed to choose a winner, though it was very hard. The blog I chose uploads photos of a 'certain animal' and their babies. Each time that 'animal' has babies, she updates her reader and includes great photos of the adorable pets...

And the winner is.... All Things Guinea Pig! With the 'certain animals' being Guinea-pigs of course! Congrats!

The next award is the 'Most Promising Blog Award 2012'. This award was created for encouraging new blogs out there, or bloggers who haven't blogged in a while but have decided to come back.

The shortlisted blogs were Fluffy Toughie and Kosmos Si Azra, and it was a tough call. Both blogs are about hamsters (although Kosmos Si Azra does have some other topics in it as well).

After a lot of thought, I have decided on a winner. Who knew this blog awards thing could be so hard?!

The winner is... Fluffy Toughie! Congratulations! I know you might not update your blog regularly but you really
                                                                                   deserve this award! I love your blog!  

This was yet another hard award to judge, seeing as I read so many animal blogs! (This award doesn't include hamster blogs, as there is a separate hamster blog award above.)

The shortlisted blogs include Fabulous Fur FriendsGlogirlyPudding & ParfaitAll Things Guinea PigSpeedy the cheeky house bunny and Terrier Torrent.

The blog I have chosen has only been going since March this year, and I think it has done incredibly well, and is a great well-rounded blog. It has lots of cute photos, and updates on a certain rabbit named 'Speedy'. So congratulations to Speedy the cheeky house bunny, you have won this award!

Congratulations to everyone, and sorry if you didn't win one of the main prizes. Everyone I included in this post I thought your blogs were great, and it was almost impossible to choose a winner for most of them!
If you were shortlisted, there is a badge below for you too! (Sorry, I didn't have time to make one with the name of each blog on the bottom for everyone, so I just didn't include a name at the bottom of the cup... Hope that's ok with everyone!)

Have a great New Year!


  1. Thank you so very much for including this scruffy little terrier...Mom & I try to make my blog fun & interesting and it's so great to hear that you're enjoying it...We will be sharing this on the blog of course and proudly adding the badge...Thank you've made our day :)

    1. No, thank you! I'm glad you like the badge and award! :D

  2. We just learned about you and can't believe we never knew you existed!! We are now your newest followers! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    1. Thank you for following! Happy New year! :D

  3. These awards are so adorable! I absolutely love mine, thank you so much! I really do appreciate it and can't wait to put it up on my blog! I know that it must have been very difficult to decide on the winners. I am truly honored to have won an award! Thank you again!

    1. I'm so glad you like the award! You really deserve it! Thank you for sharing it on your blog!

  4. Oh thank you so much for the award I love it,big kisses to you both,xx Speedy

  5. OMC!!! Thank you SO much!!! We are SO honored to be chosen for one of the awards! My black and white furs are blushing right now. : ) The awards are beautiful and adorable and I can't wait to do a fun post about it!!! Thank you again...this is so unexpected and sweet.

    Happy New Year friends!!!

    1. I loved the 'Oh My Cat' bit! ;) haha
      I'm so glad that you like the award! Your blog really deserved it!
      Happy New Year to you too!
      Hannah (&Willow)

  6. thanks so much! what a cute idea! :) I'll go put my award over on my blog now :) this is so cool!

    1. Glad you like it! You're welcome - thank you!

  7. Hi Hannah and Willow we have an award for you too!,xx Speedy

    1. Thank you so much!! :D
      I will put the award straight onto my blog. Thank you!

  8. hi hannah! awww, i like this. thank you! :) hugsies.

  9. Congratulations to every winner and all of the runner ups :-) And thank you, Hannah with Willow, for your appreciation and time spent on the prize for my FluffyToughie blog. I must admit I really needed this kind of award. Thanks to it I realised my blog (but not my hamster, thanks God ;-)) has been recently neglected. I promise to do anything I can to improve it's poor condition, although it takes time which I simply don't have lately. Thank you very much once again.

  10. Thank you so much for considering our blog! We had some extenuating circumstances that caused us to be away for awhile. (and somehow your comment went into moderation so we didn't see it until now!) We're back now and will try to be updating daily again... =^^=

    Our human actually does design as well, but she didn't include any info on that on the site... she's considering adding it in the future.

    Pudding & Parfait


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