Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Hamster digging toy

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Anyway, back to the post...
I was browsing on the internet for hamster toys, and I found this really cool wooden box thing which you fill with sawdust and your hamster digs in.

I personally think it's a great idea, cause Willow loves digging, but there isn't that much sawdust in her cage in one place... (well, at least not as deep as in that box).

You can also see your hammy digging cause it has a glass (or maybe plastic...?) side to it which it transparent.

I might buy it for Willow for Christmas cause I think she'd love it (thinking ahead a bit here)... I dunno..
What do you think? :)

(If you want to get one or read more about it, click this link: Trixie Play House)



  1. I think it's a wonderful idea! :-) So wonderful that I wouldn't wait for Christmas but buy it NOW ;---)

  2. Haha, you are not thinking TOO soon about presents, I ALMOST have mine figured out for 14 people + 4 pets. :D

    AWESOME hamster toy, afraid Wally might not like it very much, especially because he's been having some eye problems lately, bedding might bother his eye if he get too deep into it. ;D He has cataracts on both eyes, and one eye has been having some gunk and being stuck shut and slowly opening about 5 minutes after he wakes up. Afraid of an eye infection, although I have been putting saline solution on his eye and it seems to be clearing up!!! Not much of a sticking eye anymore!!!!! Anyway, enough blabbing, have a great day!

    ~Animal Mommy~

    1. Poor Wally :(... Hope that his eye infection gets better and his eyes improve... that sounds horrible! I'm sure it will get better soon, then Wally will be as good as new.
      Don't worry about the babbling, I want to know these things!
      (P.S. Do you have a blog? I'd love to read it!)

    2. Thanks Hannah. :D I had to delete the blog, my mom wanted me to delete it because she thinks I'm too young. (I'm 12) Anyway thanks for the nice comment!!!

    3. Shame you had to delete it!!! :( I am only a couple of years older than you... (under 16 anyway, but I don't want to say my exact age ;)) I think I used to read your blog cause I remember it vaguely.. it was really good!
      Oh well.. maybe you can start one again in a few years.
      Thanks for all your comments by the way, I really love hearing from you and Wally!! x


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