About Willow


Reason for Name:
She seemed really gentle, and we wanted an original name, so I went through a flower fairies book and found Willow. (she was nearly called Iris!)

Bubu, Pooshe [pronounced Poo-she - don't ask where that nickname came from ;)]


Date born:
20th June 2012

Date Bought:
1st September 2012

Breed of Hamster:
Syrian [-my favorite breed!]

Haven't actually weighed her, but she is quite light and slim.

She is white and brown, and she has a brown face.

Yep, definitely! She is slow when you first pick her up, then she suddenly gets really excited and fast. She LOVES running in her wheel too.

Yep, she sometimes nips if she is hungry, or if you stick one finger out cause she thinks it's food. Apart from those 2 reasons, she doesn't nip and is completely tamed.

She has never weed on anyone yet! Not me or my family! Result :)
(She wees in corners of her cage as well, so she even has a designated toilet in her cage)

Favourite Toy(s):
Her tube and wheel (if that counts as a toy).

Best Skill:
Her ability to climb anything, and to escape from any cage! (cage now requires something to be wedged where it closes so that it won't open...)

Most Active Time Of Day:
Surprisingly, the morning! She is always awake when I am getting ready for school at about 7.45am.

A few videos of Willow:

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  1. Aw, your little Willow is oh so cute! What charming pics of her. :) Love all the info on your blog. It's very helpful! You sound like such a lovely hammie mommy.
    I'v always wanted a hamster but i can't have pets in my house so i have a bunny outside.

    Thank you for the sweet and oh so kind comment on my blog the other day. I really appreciate it a lot. Hugs from George and i xx
    Maddy J


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