Thursday, 20 December 2012

Hamster Christmas Present Ideas (I)

Christmas is fast-approaching, and I'm sure most of you have got your presents sorted, (or almost sorted anyway!), but have you remembered your pet/s?
I know for many people money's tight at the moment, but isn't it worth it to spend a few pounds on something small for your pet to spread the festive feeling?

I decided to put a few low-budget Christmas presents below, so that all pets can have a great Christmas without you having to pay an arm and a leg.
All the presents in this post are under £4, so enjoy!

1. Pudding hamster bed
    from £3.43

It's simple and fun. A sweet little bed which looks like a Christmas pudding, that your hamster can sit or sleep in!
Who cares how much your hammy uses it long-term, you can plonk it in their cage once a year (be sure to clean it!) and it makes a great little gift for the next few years to come! Hamsters may like to wash, sleep or play in it - and it is also great for some Christmasy photos!

2. Naturals - Christmas Cookies (for small animals)

    from £2.99

If your pets are anything like mine (i.e. Willow), I know that they love to eat food (or at least store their food, in Willow's case).
I was looking around my local pet shop, and found these great 'Christmas Cookies' for hamsters and small animals! One of the treats is even in the shape of a Christmas tree! What could be better?
It is also by 'Naturals', and can you guess what? They use 100% natural ingredients AND it's good for the environment!
So you get a happy and healthy hammy! :D

3. Small Animal Climb and Shred Christmas Tree

    from £3.49

I have been keeping hamsters for years, and if I know one thing about them, it's that they love to climb and eat things. And this fun little boredom breaker combines climbing and eating! Perfect!
It is a fun Christmas tree that your hamsters can climb, but it is also made out of something similar to corrugated cardboard so that your hamster can happily (and safely) nibble away at it after it has finished its climb! What a great yet simple idea!

I found the 'Naturals Christmas Cookies' and the 'Climb and Shred Christmas Tree'
from Animed pet shop (UK), in the small animals christmas gifts section.
I also found the Christmas Pudding Bed off

Christmas pudding hamster bed pic. via here.
Small animal climb and shred christmas tree pic. via here.
Naturals Christmas cookies for small animals pic. via here.

How do you like the first installment of the 'Hamster Christmas Present Ideas'? If you like it, I will be doing another post shortly in time for Christmas!

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  1. great ideas for little one's like Willow but nots good for a big guy like Speedy ,but he's ok he is being spoilt rotten for Christmas


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