Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Weird web searches... Part I

Today I am going to be putting up a list of weird web searches.
These are real things people have searched on the internet and come across my blog as a result.

So, without further ado, here are the weird web searches from 1 to 10:

1. 'hampstar tail'
This just made me laugh because of the spelling. Hampstar? Really? These people really need to learn how to spell....

2. 'animal tails this is why im broke'
I can't even begin to consider what that could actually mean. It doesn't make sense to man nor beast. I can't imagine what the person who searched this hoped to find... Stories about animal tails making people broke? Sounds quite unlikely to me, but there we have it...

3. 'anima(s200.plogspot.com'
Ummm... what even is that supposed to mean?... but I checked, and my blog is the first thing that comes up under Google... oh dear. I guess it could be autocorrect... maybe?

4. 'χαμστερ'
I reasearched this. It means hamster in Greek. I was actually quite impressed that my blog came up under this! ;)

5. 'drawings of halo 4'
Seeing as Halo 4 is some army type boys game for the PlayStation, I found it a little weird that my website came up under that... The internet is so odd sometimes...

This post was inspired by Chaotic Scribbles from Hamster Diaries blog, as she did a post all about the weird things people have searched to get to her blog.
e.g. 'how to milk a hamster'. And yes, you read that right... worrying...


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  1. I remember her post about that lol... those are some pretty odd search terms you've got there haha. One that pops up for me all the time that I just don't understand is "you ve ever considered owning" ... weird.


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