Thursday, 6 December 2012

Interview with Ann from Pawsitively Pets

Today, I bring you an interview with Ann from Pawsitively Pets blog. Pawsitively Pets is a great blog for animal lovers, and if you don't read it I really recommend you go and check it out! It has lots of information on lots of animals, including care, funny posts and caption contests, interviews, giveaways and much more!

Ann was a pleasure to do an interview with, and she has had some really interesting jobs in her time... She says: 'I have worked with a lot of weird animals... a swan, a baby goose, a mongoose, vulture... some things I'd have to Google the names of because I can't even remember their names...' - How cool is that? She was also a  veterinary technician for five years, so the information she gives about animal care can be relied upon. She knows what she's talking about, put it that way!

So, onto the interview:

What made you start a blog?

I stopped working as a Vet Tech in February of 2012 five days before I had my second daughter, Violet. I became extremely bored with no hobbies, or money for hobbies for that matter. I've always enjoyed writing since I was a child and started to do some research. That's how I learned about blogging. I think now I might be addicted. 

How did you decide on the name ‘Pawsitively Pets’ for your blog?

I wanted something catchy and cute. At first, I thought of Pawesome Pets, but didn't really like the way that one spelled out for some reason. So I decided on Pawsitively instead. 

What would you like to achieve through blogging?

I can say that I've already achieved my first goal - finding a free hobby that keeps me occupied. I would love to be able to expand my reach to large numbers of readers. 

If someone were to ask you one thing you wanted your blog to do (e.g. inform people), what would it be?

I think I would want for my blog to entertain people the most. Informing readers is also a high priority on my list. I love informing people about ways to help their pets. It was one of my favorite things to as a vet tech. Many people were unsure of how to take care of their exotic pets especially and I feel like I was able to give them essential information about their pet's health. Through blogging, I am able to continue doing this. 

Favourite blogs?

I've come across so many wonderful blogs since I began blogging. There are some that I absolutely love and have found great inspiration from. Glogirly - Tails of a Cat & Her Girls (, Cat Chat (, and Stunning Keisha ( are a few of my favorites right now. It's so hard to choose though! I follow so many great blogs... including this one. Animal Tails is one of the first blogs I started to follow. 

 Visit Here                        Visit Here                          Visit Here

What are the animal related jobs you have done? Favourites?

I worked as a veterinary technician for five years. I graduated from a veterinary assisting college program prior to starting my career. I quickly found my passion for working with birds, reptiles, and small mammals when I became the main technician for a board certified avian veterinarian and exotic pet specialist. Of course, I do love working with cats and dogs too. I will return to this field of work again one day. 

What are your main interests?

Of course, animals. Particularly exotic pets. Aside from that though, I have always enjoyed playing video games. I love the Final Fantasy series of RPG video games. They are my favorite. I'm also pretty good at DJ Hero! I also enjoy music. I absolutely love EDM music. EDM stands for "electronic dance music" and has many genres most of which I like. I enjoy going to music events to see performers, although I don't get to do this much anymore. 

What are your favourite parts of blogging? Community/Photography/interview etc.

So far, I've really enjoyed getting to meet some awesome people and anipals on the internet. I don't really have the right equipment for photography, but I like to edit photos. I don't have photoshop, but it's on my wishlist! 

What is your favourite animal?

I'm not sure I know the answer to this question! I have a lot of favorite animals so it's hard to pick just one. How about I tell you the kinds of animals that scare me the most... No offense to these animals, but they have a reputation for being naughty at the vet's office. The animals that scare me the most are sugar gliders, prarie dogs, and squirrels. 


I have a 9 year old pit bull named "Shiner". She's named Shiner because she has one black eye. I've had her since she was a puppy. I also have a girl rat named "Nibblet" who I got back in September for my birthday. She is my first rat and she's awesome! 

Do your pets get on well together?

Actually they do! I know it's a strange pair but Shiner likes to sniff and lick Nibblet. Nibblet doesn't really seem to mind and she just sits still for her. Nibblet usually is the one who goes over to Shiner first to play.

I must say a big thank you to Ann for letting me interview her and being so willing and helpful. I really enjoyed this interview and putting this post together! Be sure to visit Ann at Pawsitively Pets so you can learn more about animals and have fun. Her blog is really great, so you should definitely at least have a look!

Photos of the Pawsitively Pets banner, Shiner, and Nibblet are all taken by Ann, so thanks for letting me share them!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing! This was my first opportunity to be interviewed by someone else. And thanks for taking such an interest in my blog, I appreciate it. On a separate note, I found an old picture of my hamster that I had several years ago that I need to share with you. Thank you again Hannah and Willow!

    1. It's a pleasure, thank you so much for doing the interview and giving such great answers! You clearly spent a lot of time on it and they are really great answers, so thank you so much. I love your blog so I thought you would be the perfect person to interview! I love the picture of your hamster too, he (or she?) was adorable!

      Link to photo (on Facebook) for others:


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