Saturday, 20 October 2012

Willow is 4 months old!

Willow is exactly 4 months old today!
So to celebrate I thought I would do a little post on Willow and her favourite habits etc.

No. 1 favourite habit: Running in her wheel at all hours of the day!
She is constantly running in her wheel - no matter what the time is, you will find her running in her wheel at most hours of the day. And yes- this does strike me as peculiar, seeing as hamsters are supposed to be nocturnal... I guess I will never be able to explain why  Willow is awake so much in the day..

2nd favourite habit: Standing on her hind legs like a meerkat
Whenever I come into the room, Willow is usually standing on her hind legs with her little paws by her tummy. (You're probably thinking that I just said she was always on her wheel, but as you can see from the photo above, Willow often does this pose in her wheel)
It is absolutely adorable! Every time I see her like that I can't help but do a little 'awww' in my head!

3rd favourite habit: Chewing on her new stick 'n' nut toy
She loves her new toy, and is always nibbling away at it, trying to get parts of it off and stow it away in her bed! She broke it a few days ago by fraying the rope, but I threaded the pieces back on and tied a knot in the rope - so it should be ok now. That toy entertains her for hours.

Hope you enjoyed hearing a little bit about Willow!


  1. Happy 4 month old birthday Willow =)

  2. Happy 4 month old birthday!!! You are probably 15 years old in human years? :D

  3. It's hard to believe it's been 4 months already :-) Happy Everything, Willow! :*)

  4. Thank you Ann Paws, Animal Mommy, and Squeeze!
    I know, it's hard to believe she is already 4 months old!!


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