Friday, 2 November 2012

Willow's Post - Hannah's back!

Hi everyone! Just wanted to update you all on how everything is going now Hannah is back from holiday :)

When Hannah got back she was very excited and she woke me up from my snooze to say hello and give me a hug. I was tired at first, but once I had woken up I was excited too.

Hannah took a few photos of me, and she let me run around for a little bit while she watched, then she held me some more.

I missed her while she was away. Her sister fed me but she didn't hold me much .. not like Hannah anyway. Hannah holds me every day mostly, unless there is a reason why she can't.
I like that cause it lets me stretch my legs a bit and I can explore.

When she put me back in my cage I went and grabbed the food she left there for me, and snuck it into my secret stash. [*don't tell anyone, but it's my house.. shhh*]

I'll talk more next Friday about what's happening and keep you updated.
Willow x

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