Saturday, 3 November 2012

'Silent Spinner' review

Name: Silent Spinner
Brand: Superpet
Price: £12.99
Shop I bought it from: Pet's Corner

First impression: 
When I first saw it I thought it looked smaller than Willow's old wheel, but seeing as I didn't have them to compare I didn't really know if I was right or not. I needed the silent wheel anyway so I didn't have much choice- I had to buy it.

Reasons I chose to buy it:
- I didn't have much choice, Willow needed a silent wheel so my family could sleep
- It looked well designed and sturdy

Story behind getting the new wheel:
My hamster had been keeping my whole family awake at night, and I had to face it: they were getting pretty cranky. I knew I had to buy another quieter wheel, so that my family could get a decent night's sleep.

When I got it home I realized I was right, it was smaller. It was still an acceptable size for a hamster wheel, but I wasn't happy about it anyway. Willow loved her bigger pink wheel, and I didn't want to replace it with a smaller wheel- even if it was only slightly smaller.

I looked online to see if I could get the next size up. Turns out they only have the size I got and the next size up is HUGE. I mean, big enough for a large chinchilla. It's something like 12", and that definitely wouldn't fit in my cage... Why don't they make a size between them>?? It's so stupid.

Willow seems to like the wheel, and it definitely is a lot quieter, but I still feel really mean because of the size... What do you think- is it too small?

- Nice colours
- Completely silent, as promised
- Good for your hamster's feet- the plastic is smooth.
- Your hamster can't nibble and break the centre of the wheel like they can with most wheels.
- Is very sturdy and well designed

- Quite expensive
- Doesn't come in sensible sizes. This is a little too small for my likings.
- Had to swap the stand, as the stand it came with was too tall to fit in my cage.
- When the hamster stops running the wheel rocks around quite a lot, and Willow has to wait a while
   before stepping out. I think this must be quite dizzying for her!

Overall, I would give this wheel about 4 stars. It is 5 stars for quietness, but the size of it really does annoy me!


  1. Well, it doesn't look too small, because from the picture her back isn't really bending to accommodate the wheel, but I dunno, not too much of a hamster expert. :D I have the same wheel, but my hamster is a dwarf. VERY big for Wally. :D

    1. Thanks for your opinion, I think you're right. It doesn't look like it's bending her back too much...
      Dwarf hamsters are so sweet! I didn't realize you had one! Wally sounds adorable :D

  2. Hmmm it looks OK... I guess it does look a little small for her. I wonder if they carry more sizes but the shop didn't have all of the sizes? That does sound silly to me too.

    1. I looked it up online, and it doesn't have an in-between size!! It's ridiculous!! You can get other wheels that size, but we really need the silent one... :( Thanks for your advice, I'll see what I can do about it.


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