Saturday, 18 December 2010

Hamster Fitness

This blog entry will help you keep your hamster fit and healthy.

As most hamster cages are reasonably small, you will need an exercise wheel, so that they can run around as much as they want.

There are two different excircise balls you can get for your pet.
  • The plastic ones
  • The metal ones
My hamster prefers the metal one, but most hamsters will probably prefer a plastic one.

Below: Lolly in metal exercise wheel              Below: Plastic hamster wheel (guest hamster)
Hamsters are very Curious cretures, and will want to roam about the house every now and again. (if you have cats or dogs, this is not reccommended, as they will scare your hamster). As they are very small they can get into tiny akward gaps, and it can be hard to get them out again.
To prevent you from losing your pet, use a hamster exercise ball. Pic's below :)

Hope this helps keep your hamster fit and healthy!
Hannah xxx :)

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