Saturday, 24 November 2012

Can hamsters eat banana?

Hamsters can eat banana,but only small amounts.

If you are putting the banana in your hamster's cage, then make sure it is in a bowl, otherwise sawdust sticks to it, and it's not good for your hammy!
If your hamster doesn't eat it straight away, take it out of your hamster's cage because it will go rotten in a few hours and if she/he decides to eat it after a few hours when it is rotten then it will make them ill.

Do not give your hamster fresh fruit everyday, as it puts too much water in their diet and make them very ill. I would say give your hamster fresh fruit once a week at the most.
(though I do not give Willow fruit this often)

I gave Willow dried banana and she loved it!
It was a special type of banana I got from The Dew Hop Inn (on etsy).
I really recommend this shop cause it was really cheap and I got lots of different treats to try out, and Willow loved all of them!

Willow eating the dried banana (which looks like carrot in this pic)
Hamster eating a banana.
This post was inspired by Cavvy Savvy, the blog from the perspective of three guinea-pigs.
Hope you enjoyed this post!

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