Friday, 16 November 2012

Willow's Post - Water bottles?

Today I have decided to do a post on water bottles and how often you should change them etc.

I think it's important to change the water at least once every 3 days if possible. This will keeps me (and other hamsters) healthy, and - let's face it - no-one likes drinking stale water which has been there for days.

Hannah changes my water every 3 days usually, sometimes more often, or if she forgets sometimes 4 days after she last changed it.. though seeing as she picks me up every day and is quite obsessed with playing with me, it's very rare that she does forget!

It won't kill me, or any other hamster, if you change the water once a week. It just isn't that nice for us. However, with some hamsters when the water hasn't been changed for ages, (I mean for longer than a week e.g. 2 weeks), they might stop drinking water if it is often stale, and this does lead to illnesses... - so be careful.

Now I don't want you to stop reading this and think "Arrghhh! I only change the water once a week - my hamster will die!", cause that's simply not true. Just bare what I have said in mind for the future. That's all I ask of you. :)

Hope you enjoyed this post, and I hope you found this helpful!
- Willow x

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