Monday, 26 November 2012

What is a Syrian hamster?

A Syrian hamster is a solitary burrowing rodent with characteristics of a short tail and large cheek pouches (though when their cheek pouches are empty you can’t tell that they are large). The cheek pouches are for carrying food to their burrows.

Hamsters are native to Europe and northern Asia, though are now common pet’s in many countries, for both young and old.

Syrian hamsters can come in many different colours. 
They can be black, grey, brown, white, ginger, golden, blond, or a mix of a few different colours. (For example, Willow is a mix of brown and white).

Hamsters can be long or short haired. If you choose a long haired Syrian, you should by a small pet brush to stop your hamster’s coat getting matted. If one parent is long haired and the other short haired it is a good idea to get a small brush anyway, although the hamster is likely to just be quite fluffy rather than have really long hair.

Hope this is helpful to clarify a bit about Syrian hamsters, though I'm sure most of you already know what a Syrian hamster is!


  1. These are the same as "teddy bears" right. That's what we always called them when I was a kid. I love the ones with long fur they are so cute.

    1. 'Teddy bears' are the same long haired Syrian hamsters, just a different name! They are really sweet, though to be honest I love all hamsters! ;)


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