Sunday, 11 November 2012

Willow's 2 Worst Habbits

Although hamsters are absolutely adorable, as with most things that seem perfect, there are some 'flaws' as such with hamsters.

For instance, my hamster is always trying to escape from her cage. No matter how many toys I put in her cage, how many times I pick her up and play with her, or how many times I try to rearrange her cage to make it more interesting. She will always try to escape.

Even if I have just finished holding her and I put her in the bottom level of her cage, she will literally sprint back up to the top of the cage to try and escape.
Getting the lid back on her cage becomes a huge problem because of this, as I will reach over to slide the lid back on, and she'll stick her head in the gap and put her paws at the side of the cage and try to lever herself out of the cage... what am I going to do with you Willow..?

But the most annoying habit was her running in her wheel almost 24/7, so when I tried to go to sleep all I could her was her wheel rattling away...
tut tut tut.... but then I got her new silent wheel and that stopped... phew!
Even when the wheel was annoying, at least she was getting exercise even if it was noisy!

What are your hamster's/ pets' worst habits?


  1. Shiner, my dog, refuses to get off the bed. If I tell her to get off she hardly listens. And then when she does get off, she will jump back on about 5 seconds later. Very stubborn.

  2. Worst habit for Wally would be chewing on his bars. If chewing on bars means brain damage, he's got it 20 times over. :D

  3. My friends dog does that! He always jumps on the sofa and gets off when you tell him too, but when you next come in the room he's on it again! ;)
    Willow doesn't have bars on her cage, but she always chews the little vent on the side of her cage.. it's quite loud and can get quite annoying sometimes... never mind! ;)


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