Sunday, 18 November 2012

Willow's Little Accident

A few days ago Willow did something a little gross...

At first when I went into the lounge and found Willow sitting in her food bowl I was like 'aawww, cute!', but then she moved and I looked in her bowl and I was a little disturbed by what I saw...
Wee. Ewwww... in her food bowl? Really?

Hamsters clearly don't have much of a sense of hygiene, seeing as she poos in her bed and weed in her food bowl...

Has your pet ever done anything utterly gross? If so please free to tell me your pet stories in the comments!


  1. Wally poos in bed, but no wee in bowl! He has a couple corners to do that.... ;D My brother's hamster, Bert, pees in his bowl, though. :P

    1. Usually Willow wees in the corners of the cage, but for some reason she decided to wee in the bowl that day... Yuk!
      Willow poos in her bed too, and she mixes up her poo with all her stored food - it's gross! ;)


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