Sunday, 1 April 2012

A for Alphabet

Day #1 of the A-Z Challenge

So, today is the first day of the A-Z Challenge, so I decided that today I would simply be talking about the alphabet, A-Z challenge!

I will be doing a post every day until the end of April, (accept Sundays), so enjoy!


So, back to the theme of 'alphabet', which is your favorite letter?

The A-Z Challenge team have a poll, which 277 people voted on, which I am going to use.

In general, people's favorite letter, (if they chose), is A!

(Mine is H, because that's the letter my name begins with!)

By the way, I am not here for the first 2 weeks of April (I am leaving today), and have no internet where I am staying, so I might not be able to view other blogs. Sorry. :(
I will view as many as possible in the second half of April.


  1. I have no favorite letter...hmmm. anyway, have fun wherever you're going!

  2. cute! my fave letter is J, i like how it looks in cursive (that fading art) and its worth more points in scrabble, words w/friends & scramble!

  3. Hello Mistress Hannah. I'm Victor and I'm a guiniea pig. My favourite letter is V. I hope you come and see our blog after your holiday. Have a nice time.

  4. My fave letter is A cause my name starts with an A. :D

  5. Thanks for all the comments! Got internet for now, so can look at a few blogs now :) Will be back home in a week.


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