Monday, 30 April 2012

Z for Zoology

Day #27 of the A-Z Challenge

Today is the last day of the A-Z challenge, I feel quite sad really!
I think it will be nice to not have to do a post a day, but I think I will miss all the extra posts from some of the great blogs I read...
Anyway, lets continue with the post!

I decided to do a post on zoology for z, as I thought this was the most appropriate word begging with 'z'.

Picture from here

Z is for Zoolgy, so here is the scientific classification of a Syrian or Golden Hamster.

            Kingdom        – Animalia (Animal)                            
             Phylum           – Chordata (Animals with backbones)
               Class             – Mammalia (Mammals)                     
             Order             – Rodentia                                        
             Sub Order         – Myomorpha                                     
             Superfamily        – Muroidea                                         
             Family            – Cricetidae                                    
             Subfamily         – Cricetinae                                      
             Genus            – Mesocricetus                             
                                       Species            - M. auratus                                                               

Zoology is part of biology - we were studying it this year.
I hope that although this is biology, it will still be interesting to all you hamster lovers :)


  1. Hope you still post even though the A to Z challenge is done. :D

    1. Will still keep posting, though not once a day anymore :) You keep blogging too!
      Thanks :)


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