Wednesday, 4 April 2012

D is for Death

Day #4 of the A-Z Challenge

D is for death, as sad as that may sound.

I thought it might be helpful, but also sad, to write a post about coping with loosing your loved ones (pets-wise). It is quite short, (I have many posts to write!), but hopefully it will still help.

There are a few simple things that may help you deal with your pet's death, and here are a few:
  • Remember the fun times with your hamster, and how he/she lived life to the full.
  • Make him/her a small grave
  • Dedicate something to your pet, it may be a blog post, or a poem, anything.
  • Try to think of all the positive things about your hamster, not just their death.

Hope this helps anyone who may be going through this hard time.

Below is a picture I made with a few different images from google put toghether.

It is called Hamster and Halo.


  1. Nice idea and beautifully made picture :-)

  2. Oh how sad it is :( for D death
    anyways check my D at GAC a-z

  3. Celebrating life, rather than mourning death, definitely helps.

  4. Certainly death is something we all must think about at one point. That is the cutest hamster picture though.


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