Monday, 2 April 2012

B for Bad - what not to do with your hamster

Day #2 of the A-Z Challenge

B is for bad, so I will list what not to do when looking after your hamster.

General don'ts
  • Don't give your hamster more than the recommended amount of treats (as on the back of most treat packets)
  • Use a metal hamster wheel - this can give their feet bad blisters, called bumbles
  • Use fuzzy bedding, it can trap the hamsters limbs or suffocate them, stick to paper strips or other bedding like that
  • If taking photos of your hamster, do not use flash, as this can badly damage their eyes
  • Make loud noises or unexpected, jerky movements when holding your hamster
  • If you own Syrian hamsters, don't let any share the same cage! They are very territorial, and could easily kill each other!
  • Don't buy your hamster a really small cage, she needs to be able to run around a bit and get some exercise.

Hamster Taming don'ts
  • Let your hamster fall from high heights
  • Make loud noises (hamsters have very sensitive hearing)
  • Pick up your hamster while she/he is sleeping
  • Make quick or jerky movements
  • Do not try to wake your hamster with a small poke, as your hamster may think it is food and will probably bite

Cage dont's
  • Don't place your cage near anywhere drafts.
  • Make sure cats and other pets can't reach the cage. This will keep your hamster safe.
  • Try to keep your hamster's cage away from direct and bright sunlight or radiators. This will prevent the cage from over-heating.
  • Try to put your hamster's cage somewhere quiet; your hamster will prefer that to somewhere noisy.

Some of this information has previously been used on this blog.


  1. I like your take on the 'B'. Your hamster don'ts seems to come from experience. I love your photos. Oh, I fed the little guy running on his wheel.
    Looking forward to more of your posts. I am a new follower.
    Kathy at Oak Lawn Images.

  2. The photo is adorable. I would have never of thought they could get blisters. Makes sense though.

  3. Thanks for the follow and comments :) Glad you both liked the post.


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