Saturday, 7 April 2012

G is for Gardens

Day #7 of the A-Z Challenge

It is not recommended that you take your hamster outside.
This is because there are many dangers, like birds and foxes, and also the temperature, as hamsters are very small and can't be too hot or too cold.
Vets do not recommend you take your hamster outside, but if you really have to, I want to at least alert you of the possible dangers.

Here are a few main points for you to consider if taking your hamster outside:

  • Time -You shouldn't take your hamster out for long, as daytime for us is night-time for them as they are nocturnal.

  • Temperature -Never do it on a chilly or hot day
  • Place -Watch out for Birds, Dogs, Cats, Pesticides, or any other animals which might harm your hamster, or give it an illness.
  • Prepare a playpen -Don't let them run freely, or they might escape and run away. Unfortantly they won't last long outside alone.


  1. Love the picture! I probably would not take Wally outside, it would hurt his eyes too much. Plus Wally is a very timid hamster.

  2. When our kids were growing up, we had all kinds of pets around the house, including hamsters, gerbils, and guinea pigs. We never took the hamsters or gerbils outside, but the guinea pigs loved to be in the grass. The hamsters, no matter what kind of ornate habitat we put them into, were top-notch escape artists. And we had the sad experience of the female having babies, and then (UGH) eating most of them. The guinea pigs surprised me the most, though. I didn't realize they were born with full heads of hair, but they are. Anyway, thanks for visiting my blog. I appreciate it, and figured I'd return the favor. Good luck with the rest of the A-Z.

  3. What cute, cute hamsters. I had a pet rat when I was growing up and she was so intelligent and fun. I had to visit your blog because I'm writing a chapter book series for 2-5th graders called Animal Tales (it brings Dr.Phil's life strategies to elementary level). Book 1 is free on my blog if you're interested.
    Rhia from Five Minutes for Inspiration (about # 802 on A through Z Challenge list).


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