Thursday, 3 May 2012

Hamster causes a plane to emergency land

After the A-Z challenge post 'U for Unbelievable', (an article about a hamster 'rising from the dead'), I have decided to have a look for more interesting hamster articles, and I found quite a funny one, so here it is!
Unfortunately this is quite old - October 24th 2010

Pic from here
A plane from the UK going to Brisbane was delayed in Brunei after a stowaway hamster was found on board.

The plane had to emergency land after someone spotted it, as it could be a safety hazard and chew the wires! A passenger admited smuggling the hamster onto the plane, then discovered it had gone missing.

When there was still no sign of the hamster the plane was forced to remain grounded until the hamster was located. Passengers were eventually taken on a bus to their destination.

A spokesman for the airline admitted that the plane wouldn't be able to fly again until the hamster's location was determined, because it can't take off without knowing where the hamster is for safety reasons.

To read the original article click here.


  1. That is so weird. But interesting! :D

  2. Weird... I hope (but somehow doubt D:) that the hamster is/was okay!


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