Sunday, 2 September 2012

Willow's Welcome

We've decided. My new hamster is called Willow.

I handled her for the first time today and she was very nervous and jumpy, and did not like being held.
However, this is not at all unusual for a new hamster as they are young and haven't been handled much. Also, she is not quite used to her new environment yet.

The best way to tame a hamster is 'little and often', meaning handling them once a day but only for short periods of time, so that they do not get too scared and nervous but they get used to handling.
(If you want to see how to tame your hamster check this post)

Haven't had much of a chance to take photos yet, but here are 2 photos below of her in her cage, though they aren't very good... sorry!


"What's in here...?"
As soon as she gets used to being handled more photos will be coming up.


  1. Congrats!! She is SO CUTE!!!! Welcome, little Willow!!!!

    animal mommy

  2. Awwww such a sweety :-) I believe Willow is great choice :-)

  3. Thank you Animal Mommy and Squeeze!! Glad you like her and her name choice! :D


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