Friday, 21 September 2012

Giveaway coming soon...

My blog currently has 9,855 pageviews since it started,
and soon it will hit 10,000 page views......YAY! :)

I have decided to celebrate the 10,000 page views with a giveaway, so keep an eye on this blog for some cool prizes coming soon.

Quick snap of Willow in her little nest
Willow is doing well, and has now built a cool nest as you can see above.
She loves her exercise wheel too, though I haven't managed to get a good picture yet, as my camera blurs when she runs in the wheel...
Will try to get a photo sometime soon though...


  1. i'm gonna keep clicking on your blog so that you get page views quicker and do the giveaway sooner. :D haha, just kidding. :-D

    animal mommy

    1. haha ;) Well, the giveaway is here now anyway! :D

  2. I love your blog, its everything I love in a hamster blog! Thank you for sharing on my blog, will definitely have to sort out a special post for you to show off Willow :D And this giveaway is a fabulous idea! Lots of love from Dexter, Eve and Casper over at hamsterdiaries :D xxx

    1. Thank you! Love your blog too! It looks so professional and your hamsters are ADORABLE!! I would love a guest post with Willow, that would be cool! Only if you have time though ;) I have added you to my blogroll list, so that other hamster bloggers can find your blog too, and if I have time I'll do a guest post on your hamsters :)
      Hannah xxx :)

    2. Nice one!! :D Well I shall have a snoop on here for info and to get a real sense of your wonderful blog (may pinch a few photos if that's alright with you) and will have something sorted for the next few days, will let you know the day before I post, so you can watch out for it :D :D xxx


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