Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Willow is tamed!

Handled Willow again today, and I am happy to say she is completely tamed!
She hasn't nipped or fussed at all, and she is proving to be a real sweetie.

She has even started sleeping in the house I bought for her, instead of sleeping in the play-tube! She also lets us brush her without a fuss which is great as I was worried she would hate it!

I will do a photoshoot with her soon, though she is very active and lively, so I'll have a job to get any good shots with her moving around so much!

Here is a collage my sister did of Willow on Instagram


  1. horray! happy for you a lil' willow!!!

  2. Her face is just adorable :-) I'm so happy for you :-*

  3. Thank you Animal Mommy and Squeeze! Glad you also think Willow is cute! :D


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