Thursday, 27 September 2012

How to enter my giveaway/giveaways in the future...

These are just the instructions (and screenshots) on how to enter my hamster 10,000 pageviews giveaway, so that if you aren't sure it isn't too hard to find out :)

You can enter my giveaway by going to the original post (so that you know what you might be winning), or you can do it below:

+10 - Follow this blog:
On the right hand sidebar there is the screenshot above. Press 'Join this site'.

 +5 - Blog about this giveaway:
For this you have to do a blog post about this giveaway:
e.g. Hi everyone! I just wanted to tell you there is a giveaway over at Animal Tails, and you can win some cute hamster stuff!
Check it out at:

+5 - Subscribe to my YouTube channel:
Just go to my YouTube channel, (this link), and click 'Subscibe'

+4 - Like 'Animal Tails' on facebook
Just visit my facebook page, (this link), and press like. :)

+3 - Leave a comment under this giveaway 
Simply click on the giveaway post, then comment at the bottom!

+1 - Vote on my poll
Simply go to the right-hand sidebar of this blog and click the answer you want, then click 'submit'.
Simples! ^.^

+1 - Give this blog an 'Internet'

On the right-hand sidebar near the bottom is this.
Click it, then press 'Give an internet'.

This post is also available on my GIVEAWAY page.
That's it! Hope this is helpful and is quick and easy to understand!
Feel free to comment on this post and tell me if you think this info is good or not!

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