Monday, 3 September 2012

Taming going well so far...

Handled Willow again today at about 8.30pm.

She was in her little tube and wouldn't come out at first, even when we carefully picked up the tube and put it on the floor.
In the end we tempted her with some of her food from her bowl, and managed to get her out.

When we did get her out she was very jumpy at first, and whenever you tried to out her in your hand she would jump out again. (Don't worry, we kept our hands low over the ground so she didn't jump and fall then hurt herself)
After a little while she became more relaxed, until she let me pick her up quite happily and stayed in my hands, and did not jump. She crawled on my jumper and seemed to be enjoying herself, so the taming is definitely going well.

We had her out for about half an hour, then I put her back in her cage to enjoy the rest of the night.

When I watched Willow in her cage last night she was running in her wheel, and she seems to love it! She is very active and likes exploring her cage!

This looks like it has really fancy lighting,
but I think that's just my black trousers in the


  1. i love the picture!!! it does look like awesome lighting.... ;D. so glad the taming is going well!!! with one on my hamsters, i played with him on the first day right after i got him and he didn't bite or anything. :D happy hamster taming!! :D

  2. OMG she's such a cute!!! :-) So sweet with this peanut almost as big as her little head ;-)

  3. Thank you Animal Mommy and Squeeze!!
    Willow hasn't nipped either! At first she was jumpy, but she still didn't bite or anything which is great!
    Glad you think Willow is cute!


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