Thursday, 18 October 2012

'Stik 'n' Nut' Review

Name: Stik 'n' Nut
Price: £3.99
Shop I bought it from: Pet's Corner

First impression: 
I thought this looked fun and might be good for Willow's teeth, but I wasn't sure if Willow might just ignore it or not... Sometimes I put something new in her cage and she just completely ignores it, and I didn't want to spend nearly £4 on some pieces of wood for her to just go and ignore.

Reasons I chose to buy it:
- It looked good for Willow's teeth
- It had a hook at the top so I could hook it to
  Willow's cage
- It looked like it might keep Willow entertained for
  a while

In the end, I am pleased to say that this toy was a huge success. Willow absolutely loved this toy, and was kept entertained for a good half hour in the middle of the day before returning back to bed.

She played with it all through the night too. Unfortunately by the time I went downstairs in the morning Willow had completely eaten the bottom part of the string, and taken a few of the bits of wood back to her nest... never mind... 

Overall, I still think this is a great toy, as it kept Willow entertained for so long and wasn't too expensive (though it could have been cheaper). It isn't too big and bulky, so will fit in most cages, and it isn't over-complicated.

If I got to say a few improvements, that would only be to make the rope holding it all together a bit stronger so that hamsters can't break it quite so easily! Apart from that - a good buy.

Below are some pictures of Willow enjoying her new toy.


  1. Great review, Willow looks like she is really enjoying it! :D And it looks so smart too! Ive seen them about but never really had the space for a hanging toy because of their saucers... I may have to do some rearranging :P Love Cas, Dex and Eve xxx

    1. The only space I have left in her cage is for hanging things, there isn't any room on the floor. That's why I thought it would be perfect! They are quite cool though...
      Thanks for the comment!
      - Hannah and Willow xxx

  2. I bet my rat would like one of those. She looks like she's enjoying it.


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