Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Halloween! (and a chance to win a cool badge for your blog!)

Today is wordless Wednesday and Halloween! Argh! :S
So I have decided to skip this week's wordless Wednesday, and just do a Halloween post instead. How does that sound?

I made Willow a little spider cloak to wear, but she doesn't like it much :(... so most of the photos are of her in a trick-or-treating bag. Hope you like the photos!
I have also added a slideshow, but I don't know if it works in all parts of the world. Sorry if the slideshow won't work- I have also added a collage so you can look at that instead!

Some cut Halloween photos of Willow (Click to make it bigger!)

Today I will be doing some Halloween trivia.
If you want to answer the questions in the comments and you get a certain amount of questions right, you will get a funky Halloween badge for your blog :)
I will announce the answers to the questions in the following week, and give out the badges.
PLEASE DON'T LOOK THE ANSWERS UP! - it will spoil the fun!

Please submit your answers by Friday 2nd of November.


  1. Cute pics! Hmmm as for your questions I think I am stumped... so I'll just guess.

    1. Pumpkins and black cats
    2. England
    3. fur, howling, and sharp teeth
    4. bad luck
    5. Count Dracula!

    lol, I'm sure I got 0 right!

    1. Thanks for entering! :D
      You'll have to wait a while to see how you did!


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