Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Wordless Wednesday #1

I have decided to start a 'Wordless Wednesday  section of my blog, so that every Wednesday I will post either one or a few pictures of Willow on this blog.

Later on I may also include images with captions from my monthly 'Caption Contest' (starting this November - so watch this space!)

'I'm a meerkat!'

Willow pausing for thought in her wheel...

Hope you're having a great Wednesday and enjoy the pictures!


  1. Her cage looks interesting, I'd love to see a full shot of it. Cute pictures!

  2. She's looking gorgeous here! Specially in that meerkat pose!! :D

  3. Thank you Ann Paws and Hamster Diaries!!! I will put up a photo of the whole cage if you want- I might even do a cage tour post :) (that is when I get back from holiday of course) ;)


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