Monday, 21 January 2013

Review - Large Supreme Hamster Play Fort

As some of you may know, for Christmas I got given a present for Willow, which is this lovely play fort, with lots of different rooms with tunnels leading into each of them, for Willow to explore in.

Today I am going to write my opinions of it, with both the positive and negative sides of it, before finally reaching my conclusion. I hope you like this review!

Name: Supreme Hamster Fort Large Play Maze Small Pets Hamster Dwarf (Rabbit?) Gerbil Mice
Brand: Supreme
Price: From £6 to £11, depending on where you buy it
Shop I bought it from: It was a present so I don't know where my parents bought it from.

First Impression:
I thought this looked really fun and perfect for Willow, though I was slightly worried that she would escape! It compacted easily which is great for storing, and was easy to put together.
I liked how simple yet fun it looked, and it was big enough to keep a Syrian hamster entertained and let her wonder around and explore.


  • It kept Willow entertained and she enjoyed exploring the different rooms
  • It was easy to keep an eye on Willow while she ran around in it, and she didn't get bored easily
  • It is made completely of cardboard, so if your hamster tries to eat it it won't harm your hamster (and knowing Willow, it's always important - seeing as she always tries to escape)
  • You can use it for many different small pets: hamsters, mice, gerbils, rats etc.


  • It states that you can use it for a rabbit. Really? That is just ridiculous! A rabbit would definately never fit inside that. It is ridiculous. 
  • After a few times of using it, Willow finally managed to work out how to escape... out of the sides of the fort. And once she learns something, she won't forget it and stop doing it... Never mind!
  • She chewed some of the corner off, though it didn't go completely through to the other side so it doesn't really matter (pic above)
  • £10 is quite expensive for some cardboard, though I have to admit it is quite cool..

I think this is a great toy, which is perfect for hamsters. I think this would be better/ more suited to smaller animals than Syrian hamsters, like dwarf hamsters or mice, as they wouldn't be able to climb up over the sides of the fort.
Still, I love the whole thing. It is such a cute idea, and you can put treats and toys in different rooms to keep your hamster or small pet entertained.

Overall, I give this hamster play fort 4 stars out of 5. :D


  1. Wow, this looks awesome. I would so love to get one for my two dwarf hamsters. Right now, they have a maze that's probably less than half the size of this but it's made from wood so it's not as chew-able ^^

  2. I had similar to this but my dwarf hamster started to chew this and I had no choice to take him out :)
    Yep, made of wood is good idea :)

  3. I love making stuff for my dwarf hamsters. I usually use wood that is safe

  4. love dwarf hamsters!


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