Monday, 1 July 2013

Small Furry Pets Feature

I took a bit of a 'blogging break', but I'm happy to announce that I am back!
I'm clearing the cobwebs and starting afresh writing some more hamster posts, so welcome back to the up-to-date Animal Tails! I thought the 1st of the Month was a good time to start, so here goes:

Willow is doing great- in fact, she's famous!

Guess who featured in the April - May 2013 Small Furry Pets magazine? That's right - Willow

Willow featured in the "You & your small pet" section of the 7th issue of Small Furry Pets, and I am over the moon! We may not have won the 'star pet' award, but she did get featured and she'll always be my star, as cheesy as it sounds. Hehe ;)

I hope to be back to blogging for good now, so stay tuned and tell your friends in the blogging world that we're back if you get the chance! I will be writing informative posts and continuing Wordless Wednesday, along with extra posts too, so I hope to be writing at least two posts a week.


  1. This is Fabulous!well done!good to see you back!xx Speedy and Rachel

  2. welcome back! Congratulations to you and Willow!
    Be sure to visit us too :)

  3. Yay Willow! (and you!) so glad you are back! :D

  4. Oh wow !!!!! Soooo happy you're back! !!!


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