Sunday, 6 January 2013

BlogSHOUT: Daisy and Cress the guinea sisters

Today I want to do a shout out to a new blog, called 'Daisy and Cress the guinea sisters'. The blog is about two guinea pigs, called Daisy and Cress (who'd of guessed? ;) ) and has updates on their life, toy ideas, photos, facts about guinea pigs, and care advice.

This blog was only started on the 4th of January this year, and needs a little step-up into the blogging world so that more people can discover it.
The information and pictures on the blog are great - we just need to spread the word so that more people can find it and start following.

If you like animal blogs, or guinea pig blogs, then this is the blog for you.

 Cress                                 Daisy and Cress                                 Daisy

A bit about Cress:

"I like to explore things and am always the first to try out the new tunnel! I also am amazed by music, and like to watch people paint and draw. My favourite foods are grass, celery and dandelion leaves. I like hiding and running up peoples sleeves! Although I like being stroked, I do not like it when I am lifted up from the ground and I try to run away."

A bit about Daisy:

"I may look cute on the picture, but really I am fierce, because I am the dominant guinea pig. I have to make sure Cress is behaving!
My favourite thing to do is eat- anything! Especially celery. As soon as I hear the knife in the kitchen cutting food, I wheek as loud as I can! And start leaping everywhere! If you're not careful, I'll eat you too! Only joking! Ha ha!"

I really do reccommend that you go and check out this blog. It may not have been going for long, but I think this is already becoming a truly great blog.

All images used are from the Daisy and Cress the guinea sisters blog.


  1. You made my day thank you so much :)

  2. Thanks for sharing about these to piggies,we went for a visit too!

  3. They look really cute! Off to visit them now. :) Thanks for sharing!


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