Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Orbiciser - The new hamster fitness ball!

When I was browsing the web for hamster-related products, I found this: an orbiciser.

At first I thought it was just a normal exercise ball with a fancy name, but after watching the video, (below), I understood that it was designed to keep out the wee/poo when your hamster is going around the house in the exercise ball.
This is perfect for carpets, as hamster wee can sometimes be hard to remove.
I would get one, but they are quite expensive, $14.95, and as I live in England I would have to get it shipped too.

"The Leak-Proof Pet Ball is a unique pet product that hygienically allows a small animal to walk inside a ball and exercise on the floors of your home. It locks in the animal's waste and droppings between two layers thus keeping both the floor and the animal clean.
It allows the animal to exercise safely while simultaneously keeping it and your home environment dry and clean.
Air circulates freely letting your pet breathe and stay cool."

For more information please visit their website below:

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