Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Hamster Nests

Hamster Nests

Today I thought I would blog about hamster nests, as I think I need to do another informative post. :)

It is important to give your hamster lots of bedding, as in a hamster's original habitat, they burrow underground and build underground nests.
I always give lolly 'safe-bedding', which is strips of tissue paper.

(You can buy it in most pet shops,or even make your own out of un-scented toilet paper)


Most hamster care books say it is best to leave your hamster's bedding outside its sleeping house, but I know lots of people who put it in their bedding in the house anyway.

The reason they reccomend to leave the bedding outside is because it means your hamster can build its nest just how they want, as well as it giving them something to do and giving them a choice of where to put their nest.

Although the fuzzy, soft 'safe-bedding' is avaliable in many pet shops, it is not advisable to buy it (read comments to see more).

I used to give Lolly a small amount, but as it can be dangerous I have now stopped.


  1. When I leave mine to make their own nests they can come out pretty epic XD.

    The second bedding in your pictures is far better, the pink fluff bedding you show is widely regarded as dangerous to hammies. I know loads of people who have their hams on that no problem, but I also know of people who have had issues with it.

    There are a couple of things for you to read if you like:


    I use ripped up toilet tissue, unscented, and I find it lasts me longer and is cheaper, but I also like the shredded paper bedding.

    P.S sorry to hijack your blog post :/

  2. I agree with Onion about the fluff bedding, but otherwise I like the post a lot :)

  3. I only put a tiny bit of the fluffy bedding in, less than the palm of my hand... but still, I will edit this post, and cut that bit out.

    Hannah xxx :)


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