Sunday, 19 December 2010

Hamster Playtime

This blog enetry will make sure that your hamster is never bored again :)

Below is a list of things to do to keep your hamster entertained:
  1. Hide treats in it's cage
  2. Put toys in it's cage
  3. Handle him / her often (every day if possible)
  4. Put tubes in your hamsters cage
  5. Be Creative!!!! :P
One good way of keeping hamsters entertained and fit is to hide treets and food in their cage.
Hide it in the sawdust, in cardboard or plastic tubes, or even in playhouses.
This will keep them from getting bored, and from getting up to mischeif, as if they have more things to do in their cage, they will be less likely to try to escape. (most hamsters will like chewing the sides of their cage, so don't be allarmed if they do!)
Put playhouses in their cage, and lots of little toys to keep them entertained.
Here is some examples of things to put in their cage. (modelled by Lolly)

See-saws keep hamsters curious and entertained

Playhouses provide fun for all hamsters

       A nice bed is great for playing and sleeping!

 For more great toys, visit:

Hope this helps!
Hannah xxx :)

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