Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Hamster diet

This is my hamster Lolly.
She is blond and white, and is sooooo cute! In this photo she is in here little wooden house.
All hamsters need wooden things in their cage, as they need somting to chew on as their teeth never stop growing. Wood doesn't harm hamsters if they eat it, which is why hamsters need it, as if they chew plastic, it can poison them.

Hamsters like to eat a variaty of food, so Harry the hamster, and things like that are perfect for your hamster. Hamsters also like fresh fruit and vegetables, but only give them a small bit each month, otherwise it will affect the amont of water in their diet, and that can give them nasty desieses.
This is the sort of food your hamster will like. Just like mine! :)

More hamster and other animal facts coming soon.

hannah xxx :)

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