Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Pet forums review

Some of you may have heard of 'Pet Forums' and some may not, but it is a great way of talking about pets and animals with others. 

Good points:
You can ask any pet/animal/nature related question and it is usually answered quite quickly.
It is quick and easy to sign up to.
Completely safe to use.
It is very easy to use and upload photos etc.
You can upload photos into albums, either public, private or profile.
It has a customisable profile.
It hosts its own pet photo of the month competition with great prizes.
It has many different categories of chat to choose from, including pet general, forum support and dog health and nutrition.
Allows you to send private messages to other members.
You can add other members as friends.
Suitable for all ages.

Bad points:
You have to have written at least 10 posts to vote for the pet photo of the month.
This site only really has one purpose: to talk about nature, animals and pets.
You have to be a member to comment on any thread.

Main forum

Overall I think this is a great site which I recommend to people of all ages interested in animals, wildlife, nature and animal related photos.

Overall star rating out of 5 is:

This is the first review I have done on this website. Like it? Please feel free to comment below.

By the way, if anyone joins and wants to add me as a friend my user name is Hannah xxx :)


  1. Thanks for the kind words Hannah, much appreciated! Love the great photos on your blog, and am impressed with all the good advice you have to share with hamster owners and lovers.

    I'm very sad that you lost your sweet little Lolly, she is too cute in that bed, your heart must feel so empty. Hope you get another little one soon, lots of hamsters that need a loving home.

  2. hey it's me princess sprinnkles, I have an animal blog too. Love your site!

  3. That site looks great. I wish I had time to comment on the forum, but I'm so snowed under with running my pet shop!

  4. Back to blogging (again)! The site sounds great, I'll have to join :) Very cool.


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