Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Hamster treats

There are many treats your hamster will enjoy, which you can buy in pet shops, or just give them a small amount of vegetables or fruit. But bewarebecause if you give your hamster too many treats in one day, Your hamster could become ill. :(

Most hamster treats will say max. how many treats a day, and you should never exceed this.
For example, take yougurt drops:

These are great treats for your hamster. But it says on the back of the packet, no more than 1-3 drops a day. Up to 3 drops is plenty, so even if your hamster loves them, stick to their guidline for a healthy hamster.

Hannah xxx :)


  1. Hi Hannah,

    Your blog is really cool, I am a follower! Lolly is so cute :)

    My blog URL is below, if you'd like to check it out.


  2. Hey Hannah,
    I've got a hamster too and we've just been away for a few days so we put lots of food in his bowl and gave him a hamster muesli stick, and he was fine when we got back but seemed to have grown loads since we last saw him... I hope we haven't been overfeeding him, what do you think?

  3. Thanks so much Inky!
    I have looked at your blog, and it looks great!
    I will follow your blog too :)
    Thanks for the support.
    Hannah xxx :)

    Also, Hi Joanne!
    I have left my hamster before for 2 days with a bit of extra food, and she seemed fine, so I am sure your hamster will be too.
    How old is he? If he is quite young, he is likely to grow a lot more and quicker than older hamsters. Still, even if he is old, I wouldn't worry, I don't think giving him a bit of extra food while you went away is over-feeding him.

    (Although this sounds gross- If you want to make sure he is ok, next time you clean him out check that he hasn't got diarrhea. He should be fine though) :)

    If you want you can follow my blog, you might find it helpful for other hamster information? (I don't mind though, that wasn't the porpose of this comment!)

    Hope this reply wasn't too long! I just thought it was better too long than too short!

    Hannah xxx :)


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