Thursday, 8 December 2011

5 ways to keep your pets healthy

Today I thought I would post something about a different animal, instead of just hamsters.
So, today I will be blogging about rabbits and guinea-pigs.

1: Make sure you clip your rabbit/guinea-pig's toe-nails regularly. If you don't it can cause discomfort for your pets. You should check their toenails to see if they need clipping about once a month. They should not be longer than a quarter of an inch, so cut them if they are longer. You can buy special pet nail clippers at most pet shops.

2: Give your guinea-pig/rabbit fresh food, like vegetables, or dandelion leaves. It is up to you how often you give them fresh vegetables, I used to give my rabbit and guinea pig fresh vegetables once a day. DO NOT feed them green beans, potatoes, beets, avocado, cabbage, sweet potato, corn, onion, rhubarb, cereals, or crackers, as this could make them ill.

3: Make sure you let your animals out in an outdoor cage to run around for while in the day, to let them stretch their legs. Don't keep them in their hutch where they sleep all day, as they won't have enough room to run around.

4: Make sure you refill your pets water at least once a week (though it is better to refill it once every 3 days). During the winter, as it starts to get colder, you should check if the water is frozen each day. If it is, make sure to replace the water. It is a good idea to buy something warm to put over your pets water bottle, as this will stop it from freezing. You can buy them in most pet shops. 

5: Make sure you play with your pet! That may sound silly, but pets can get very lonely if they are not played with, especially if you only own one pet. It is better to keep 2 rabbits or 2 guinea-pigs, as then they will not get as lonely. 

Thanks for reading!
Hannah xxx :)

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