Friday, 1 June 2012

Random poll of the month #1

I have decided to do a 'random poll of the month', and here is the first in the series!
I will be doing one on the first of each of the month, so make sure you take part in the polls on my sidebar!
(sorry I haven't blogged for so long, I had exams)

Do you remember that poll on my sidebar about sawdust, where I asked how often you changed your hamster's sawdust, if you used sawdust?

Well here are the results!

The three that didn't use sawdust used either 'megazorb' or 'careFRESH'.
One person got a new bag of their replacement for sawdust every 1-2 months.
Another got the giant deluxe bags, so only replaces their every 3 months.

Most people using sawdust bought a new bag every 18 - 21 days, which is around the same as me too :)

Thanks to everyone who took part, there is a new poll coming soon!

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