Thursday, 23 June 2011

My Friend's Guinea Pig is Pregnant!!!

My Friends Giunea Pig is pregnant! (again)

The Mother is called Cookie, and will give birth in only a week or two!!!
She is selling the babys, which will be adorable!
She has had one set of babys before, and gave birth to two boys and two girls! I got to go and see them! They were really sweet!

If you are interested in getting a new Guinea Pig or two, Please visit:

They will be on sale when they are born! When they are born, I will tell you so anyone who wants to buy a Guinea Pig can get one from Fiona (my friend) :).

I am so excited! When I got to see Cookie's last babys, they were really sweet, and one sat on my lap and fell asleep!!! Aaaahhhhhh :) So cute!

Thanks for reading
Hannah xxx :)

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